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4 — A Way Out of the Subconscious

Today most people behave mechanically — unthinkingly. They do today each and every task as they did it yesterday and the years before. People usually have the same attitudes, the same prejudices, as they did in years past — prejudices often passed down from generation to generation.

The modern field of psychology emphasizes how much our personality — the way we're going to be all our life — is influenced by our first three years. "Everything’s pretty much set before you're five years old," they often say. Psychotherapists, almost inevitably, take a person who has problems back to the time when he or she was an infant, back to the time when life's patterns and attitudes were established in the tender young child.

When you find your higher consciousness, you will realize how profoundly true it is that people are so often near-automatons, acting out their early formative training from childhood. People go through their lives generally stuck in the behavior patterns of yesteryear. They are slaves of their subconscious mind, that part of the mind which holds the patterns — however crude and inapplicable.

Still, the person of higher consciousness laments that people who begin to become free of the subconscious do not go farther and discover how to make their subconscious a friend. With wisdom, you can enable your subconscious mind to become a very constructive force in your life, a force of good habits, good mental attitude, from which to declare your freedom for a better life and from which to instantaneously make changes for the better. The subconscious can become an ally and inspire you to flourish.

Until you step free of your subconscious and its domination, you live in a chaos of past thoughts and feelings which so dominate your mind that you find it next to impossible to think clearly or to know love in a constructive way. It's also impossible, when dominated by the subconscious, to look at another person or anything in the outer world without misperceiving it greatly.

Higher consciousness liberates you and all who are stuck in the hindering mire of the past to step into a life of your choosing, a life that moves in the light rather than the shadows of old impressions.

5 - Self-Esteem 

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