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2 Less Frustration In A Saner World

Higher consciousness will immeasurably increase our ability to evaluate personal, national and global goals. We will also have a clear understanding of our internal and outer resources for achieving our objectives. People will begin to clearly see and thoroughly achieve their life-enriching quests. There will be less frustration from failure. Fewer people will be floundering and wondering what to do.

With more success in seeing and achieving goals, people will feel less guilt. There will be less outer-directed hostility as people focus instead on satisfying, meaningful endeavors and enjoy the well being which results from purposeful accomplishments. Through goal satisfaction, people will likely seek more positive goals. There will be a progression of accomplishments at more and more subtle levels.

Having solved one's creature needs and goals, a person will move on to even greater satisfaction in fulfilling mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aims.

A more successful and fulfilled populace will be less frustrated and angry. As a result, there will be less crime. There will be fewer expressions of violence, fewer cruel expressions of inner exasperation. Also, successful people will feel no need to steal or block others from fulfilling their goals. There will be less depression and mental illness as the newfound capacities for fulfillment and creativity become the norm.

3 - Prosperity 

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