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A List of Possibilities

What are the possibilities of higher consciousness? Let's speculate together about some wonderful improvements in life and our world which will likely become commonplace as people solve the mystery of "Who am I?" and discover they can use their higher consciousness as easily as their eyes, ears, mind, and feelings.

The woes of the world so far are mainly the effects of what we have caused in the past. Old, burdensome, and oppressive effects will yield to new, thoughtful causes engendered by inspired people. And these new possibilities may at some date in the future be looked upon as a very rudimentary and extremely partial glimpse of the wonderful life that humanity has long since found for itself.

On the other hand, a hundred years of hindsight may look upon these ideas as insubstantial as wishes and fantasies. However, people who experience higher consciousness generally find their lives benefited in every area. It is not absurd, then, to speculate that with more people becoming awakened to their inner faculties society will gradually enjoy its great undiscovered legacies. The dream of the American forefathers Franklin, Washington, Jefferson, and all will be real and blissfully commonplace to our whole world: a world which chose fulfillment instead of worry and emptiness.

Following is a small list of new possibilities which are becoming available to the world.

1 - Ecstasy 

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