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5 Solve Self-Esteem Problems

Through higher consciousness people will discover who they really are. They will no longer have to pretend to be significant personalities or patch together egos which tend to fall apart each day. As you discover your true nature and the ineffable love showered on you through your higher consciousness, your self-esteem problems will vanish. You will become fully aware that you are an accepted being. You will end your orphan years. You will come home through higher consciousness and feel no need to bluff or be arrogant, no need to fear or go through days and months of self-doubt. Your higher consciousness will reveal to you, as you progressively develop, your true nature and you will have an abiding self-esteem which becomes a strength and a joy. Your new self-esteem will enable you to enter enchanting dimensions of satisfying relationships and also comfort you when you're alone.

6 - Opportunities 

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