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10 More Might

Why must the cancer win? Why must the bully prevail? Why must evil terrorize us and demand so much of our thought and our compensating effort?

Your higher consciousness has, as one of its chief attributes, a higher power, a mighty power, which will help you with your life. This higher power can vitalize your physical body, clear your mind, and make your heart readily able to give and receive great love. This mighty power can enable you to be victorious over your ignorance and egoism.

Devotees who have experienced their higher consciousness over a period of years learn never to underestimate the power of the higher consciousness within themselves and within each person. This universal power which can make the sun shine and the earth revolve and rotate, and which can sustain the life in your whole body in each and every tissue is assuredly capable of helping you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, too.

11- Inventiveness 

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