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13 People Who Live In Safety

Almost every person has some resentment, anger, and potential for violence. This frustration in our hearts is the cause of meanness and cruelty to others. Hearts in pain lash out and hurt people. Hurt people live in fear and insecurity. Often their hearts then fill with anger and they too flail around hurting others.

Our prisons are full of abused people who now abuse others. Too often a boy battered by his father or mother grows up to mutilate or even murder others. The nightly news reports the daily mayhem of angry hearts.

Within our hearts the insecurity of the human race begins, and this is the principle place where the safety and well being of humankind can start.

Through raising your consciousness, and through the power of your higher awareness, you will find that you can overcome transform your inclination to violence. You can turn your inclinations for violence into a power for good, into a willingness to understand and be of service to others. You, and others like you, who have found personal safety in being free of inner violence, can then endeavor to live lives that do not hurt or cripple others lives which, rather, inspire and nurture, lives which encourage others to also take up lives of self-mastery and maturity. In any case, the violence which comes out of people can be changed, can be soothed and healed, when we raise our consciousness and learn what it feels like to live in trust and security with society as a whole.

Many people can remember when they lived year in, year out, without ever locking their doors. There was trust, confidence and joy in the certainty that no one would be so mad or so unkind as to break the sanctity of another's home or car. Policemen were greeted with respect and treated as friends.

Hopefully society has many options that it can try until the right combination is found and people are safe safe to walk the streets they have paid for with their taxes, safe to enjoy the lovely parks they have created.

Higher consciousness, too, can prove a beginning point of change in transforming personal violence into a constructive love and service, along with the dignity of self-mastery. A change in understanding will create the joy of daily life in each neighborhood, in each home throughout this country, and through every country that is suffering the malady of senseless violence and insecurity.

Higher consciousness is also available to help each person deal in strength and confidence with his or her bullies. Ultimately, each of us can find that abiding good will and strength prevails over a diminishing evil. We can have a saner world.

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