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3 Plenty and Prosperity

As people waken to their missing components for success, they will gain a greater capacity to understand the world and to act within the framework of reality. They will become much more able to manifest the newfound inner well being outward into the external world. People will find that their inner resources will attune them to opportunities for financial and material abundance. A person attuning with the inner self and functioning through the higher consciousness has difficulty avoiding prosperity and material well being. Having enough money, people won't be thinking about it all the time. They will begin to discover, through their material comfort, the other aspects of life that are infinitely more important and satisfying.

By prosperity, a person of higher consciousness does not think necessarily of vast amounts of money in the bank. Rather, by prosperity is meant having all one's needs met not only materially, but on other levels of life as well. "Enough and to spare" is the key. Not only having enough to meet one's daily needs, but living day by day in the knowledge that there is always enough that whatever one truly needs in order to be a constructive person, or to be of benefit to another in any positive way is always at hand. Financial security, food, shelter, every need is met.

4 - A Way Out 

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