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9 Sympathy

Other parades of people, in addition to those who are seeking more meaning in their lives proceed to their counselors' waiting rooms because they feel so lonely. They feel that no one loves them, or perhaps they've discovered that they're incapable of giving love, neither able to give nor receive love.

Plowing deeper within yourself, you will find that contrary to the blockages on the surface of your consciousness, there is an ease in sensing the life and concerns of another person. You will sense a oneness that is easily shared between two people, two dozen, or two million. You will find that in your higher consciousness abides a universal sympathy. This special feeling is much like a mother's: because she has helped her children through their awkward and helpless years, she can feel a sense of motherhood for all little ones, from any country, even a country in conflict with hers. Similarly, you'll find you can care about people so naturally and in such a universal manner that your heart and mind become big enough to hold everyone.

This condition of universal sympathy frees you to love with ease and greatness. This state of universal sympathy develops into higher states of consciousness as well. It not only frees you to love and to feel for others, it enables you to enter into a state called cosmic consciousness, a level of awareness which is characteristic of most saints and sages throughout history. All of them, too, cared as much as you in your higher consciousness are learning to do.

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