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12 Less Aggression

As people become more conscious and are able to clearly conceive of their goals, they will be able to bring forth their inner resources for success. Because of their practice and their training and working with their own higher consciousness, they will more easily and reliably achieve the important goals in their life. They will not need to maintain a fighting stance as a way of life. They will be able to succeed in achieving their important objectives without feeling the need to beat out someone else or to live in a mad scramble as if life is a deadly game of "King of the Mountain."

Instead of lashing out from states of gloom and frustration, men and women will be able to evaluate their capacities for success and choose pathways which highlight their particular talents. People discovering reliable principles for success will not need to generate enemies, heart attacks, ulcers, orphans, and widows or widowers as they endeavor to thrive.

Aggression is a problem which is mainly peculiar to the male of the human species. Men are trained and encouraged to be aggressive from infancy. Societies generally accept that aggressive males are needed to provide for families or fight wars to protect their turf. The down side of this philosophy is that male aggressiveness is destructive in so many ways.

By aggression we do not only mean physical aggression but also attitudes of superiority, attitudes by which people feel licensed to take what is not theirs, or to hurt people because of a personal opinion, or even a whim.

Awakening one's higher consciousness would, of course, be of inestimable help in converting one's destructive, aggressive tendencies into constructive and harmonious self-mastery. Ultimately, what was once aggression becomes dedicated service to others and to one's own ideals.

13- Live In Safety 

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