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8 Meaningful Lives

Is your life meaningful? Do you feel your activities and time spent on this earth are deeply satisfying? Do your activities seem extremely worthwhile?

Parades of people go to counselors every day because their lives have no meaning. They can't figure out why they work, eat, sleep, and go on with what life demands of them.

Through your growing superconsciousness, your higher insight will begin to abide with you and regularly share or shine into your mind and heart. It will reveal the underlying meaning and purpose of everything you do. What you see, what you hear, will become filled with a deeper understanding which gives great satisfaction and joy. Thinking becomes a pleasure because it ends with understanding and insight rather than even more questions. And questions themselves abide gracefully in the mind, not creating anxiety, but excitement and inspiration. Meaning and purpose unfold as you build up days and then years of what you know to be before your heart, mind, conscience, and Creator a meaningful life.

9 - Sympathy 

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