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15 Universal Life

As the seeker of higher consciousness becomes aware of the great and wondrous life within, he or she is changed. Simply looking at another person becomes a delightful experience. One recognizes that beautiful life, that inestimably precious and rare gift of life which is expressing in a unique and special way in each person one sees in everyone who walks the earth. This recognition of the beauty of life within oneself, and within others, leads to a geometrically increasing rate of understanding and appreciation of other people.

Sensing this preciousness of life, one begins to lead a universal life a life based on the golden rule: doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. From this comes a life of love a universal life. Love becomes easier and more natural. Love is less and less of an effort because love springs forward powerfully when there is the insight of the shared experience of life: between oneself and every person now living, or who has lived, or who is about to live.

These are some of the major possibilities for our world, and our loved ones, when we contact higher consciousness. Most amazingly, the talent and the power are already available. They rest within us, awaiting our notice.


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