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14 More Responsible People

As people become more conscious, and especially when they become awakened, they will be able to perceive clearly the consequences of their actions. They will be able to know, through their experience and through the beautiful insights of higher consciousness, what are the likely consequences of particular actions, words, thoughts, feelings, or attitudes. People will become able to choose the consequences which they most prefer simply by contributing to better and better effects causing them. Through appropriate and attuned thoughts, feelings and actions, they will realize a beautiful way of experiencing life.

But, in addition, as people begin to recognize that their lives are basically the results of previous actions, previous ways of treating other people, they will begin to realize that in most ways each person is responsible for the consequences of life which he or she is experiencing.

While some events in life are enigmatic a cause and effect relationship is not discernible the person of higher consciousness faces them with a willingness to learn and eagerness to be changed. A person in higher consciousness strives to transform all the causes which he finds to be clearly harmful to himself or others. He takes responsibility for what is happening in his life.

When people become more conscious, they will begin not only to sense why the bad or painful things happen in life but how to make the good and wonderful aspects of life come about how to make their hopes and dreams realities. To be on this planet is to be educated about the consequences of one's actions. We're all here, growing in our understanding of causes and effects. A person who seeks the higher consciousness finds tremendous release in comprehending how to meet a problem more successfully at the next opportunity due to a deeper grasp of the relationship between cause and effect.

Throughout the world, people who become more conscious will not blame others for what happens to them in life but will start a wave of improvement occurring from pole to pole. This is happening at this time. More people are accepting responsibility for what happens to them in life. They are often aware of the consequences of what they have done in the past good and bad and they realize it's not only their actions but their attitudes the ways they think and feel which directly contribute to making life fulfilling or sad.

People will get up each morning and address the problems of life, focus their higher awareness, and mindless chaos will cease.

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