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11 Inventiveness

Studying the lives of inventors, artists, and other creative people, there appears to be a very common factor. Their creative genius occurs during a moment of reflection, of inward turning, or of quiet during sleep, while taking a walk, or enjoying an absentminded shower, for example. Possibly, it could be argued that all creativity and all inventiveness occurs when our world's great creative people have been able consciously or unknowingly to enter the portals of their higher consciousness. From the invention of the wheel to the jumbo jet, the novelty and inventiveness of the human spirit seems to come from a supernormal level of awareness found deep within people who are able to attune themselves, individually or in groups, to the higher consciousness.

In being more attuned, we can use technology constructively; not as a means of ruining lands, oceans, habitats, the atmosphere, the earth's vegetation, and the health of mankind and all creatures. We will reverse the present trends. We will think long-term, with more common sense and compassion.

When you find your way into your own higher consciousness, you will find yourself becoming much more creative and inventive. The challenges of your life will find fresh answers and new, creative possibilities possibilities you had not dreamed of prior to entering your higher creativity.

12- Less Aggression 

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