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7 Problem-Solving

While it's important to look at life anew and see its fresh opportunities, a major aspect of higher consciousness is that it unleashes creative intelligence which enables you to solve old problems. Your creative intelligence and inner power will solve with ease problems which once were so difficult to solve despite the application of all your personal might. Higher consciousness unleashes energies and abilities which most people do not know they have. It makes problems into opportunities. It makes problems, and even the failures of life, steppingstones toward success. A problem with shyness becomes self-assurance, deep compassion, and love for all.

As one multimillionaire said recently on television, he was once a busboy hopeful of "moving up" in the restaurant business. He greatly wanted to be promoted to a waiter's position. He was passed up several times, however, and his failure in becoming a waiter forced him to study how money is made. He went to school and learned how a person becomes successful in this great country. His problem in becoming a waiter pushed him into an opportunity. As a result of his studies, he can now hire a thousand waiters. His higher consciousness helped him to see his problem in a new way and to so phenomenally solve it that he now travels the country showing other people how they can become wealthy.

You will generally find that your higher consciousness looks upon your problems differently from the way you normally think about them. Your higher consciousness is undaunted and very able at dealing with problems, and it awaits your attention.

8 - Meaningful Lives 

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