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The Source of Discovery

By considering the inner universe and life itself more important than mankind's discoveries in the physical universe, no disparagement is intended. Courageous, brilliant men and women guided people away from terrifying superstitions about the world. These honest scientists bravely led us from ages of human sacrifice which were supposed to influence capricious gods into the age of heart transplants, global communications, and manned space flight. Great men and women have shone their insights outward on the universe and we have marvelled. We have been set free of much ignorance by the Galileos, Newtons, Einsteins and Curies. We have been enabled by them to improve and lengthen our lives in innumerable ways. Too, great explorers of our physical universe have often made extreme sacrifices in serving truth as best they could. They were very often ridiculed, persecuted, imprisoned, and tortured by benumbed people. And, often these heroes and heroines did work which itself was dangerous Madame Curie, for example, died of leukemia caused by the effects of radiation.

However, a study of the lives of our great discoverers in the sciences reveals that almost always the seeker of truth needed moments of reflection, had to go within, in order to know the physical world better. Moments of inner communion inspired the humble seeker with new insights that resulted in almost every important discovery of chemistry, physics, medicine, mathematics, optics, calculus. All of their inventions and all their ways of knowing the physical world, it seems, came from the higher consciousness, from revelations within.

The physical world would hardly be known at all were it not for these seekers of truth finding within themselves the clues, or the procedures, or the insights, which have brought about every advancement in science and knowledge of the physical world.

But no one has claimed bringing rocks back from the moon can show people who we are or how to live together harmoniously. Brain surgery can preserve a life but it can't reveal what life or a person is. Nor do the leaders in the social sciences, with their considerable light, say they can solve our deep yearnings or give us lasting peace.

In finding our higher consciousness, remote possibilities come near. As you find your superconscious awareness dawning, many hopes become possible. As groups of people become more conscious, the world changes.

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