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Stages of Awakening

Your Success Is Inevitable

You see, if you are truly propelled and will simply abide in a dedicated way in this propelled state, you will succeed. Your success is inevitable! You will definitely achieve fulfillment and realization, without question! Your propulsion contains the power that you need to pass through all the obstacles and realize each and every state of awakening. Once you are propelled, all you have to do is honor your motive and the sense of its importance which you are feeling right now. You will have to say no to the bribes and sleeping pills of the outer world. Your dedicated propelled state is one of the greatest gifts any human being can ever receive.

While you may feel miserable until the resolution of your quest, nevertheless you should value that you are one of the few truly motivated people on the face of the earth who is honestly and sincerely responding to your as yet unglimpsed true nature.

It is often in this propelled state that you will attract and come into close companionship with a bona fide Master who will, because of his love and experience on the path, show you how to proceed toward the satisfaction of your praiseworthy quest. Often at this stage the Master initiates you and conveys an inner spiritual light to you by which you can rapidly and with a sense of blessedness move forward in your awakening.

3 - Steady State 

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