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Stages of Awakening

The Ignoring Person

The person in the dark state thinks the physical world is the only reality and everything not related to matter or the senses is imaginary. Believing that the non-physical world is illusory and not worth exploration, the ignoring person does not feel any reason to turn within and consider what enables his mind to think or heart to beat. He is not intrigued by questions like:

  • What is the source of my consciousness which enables me to think in the first place?
  • Am I mainly a body, or am I essentially the dweller within my body?
  • Why are some people brighter than others? More successful? More artistic?
  • How is lasting satisfaction attained?
  • Where does love come from?
  • Where does matter come from? The world? The oceans? The sun? Stars? Galaxies? Light?
  • What is the difference between a live person and a dead one?
  • What happens at so-called death?
  • What is life?

If such questions have fascinated you over the years and if you have thought about them a lot, you are already called or prompted to move beyond ignorance and the dark state. If these questions hold no interest for you and seem to be mere dry, philosophical or theological speculations, you would very likely be wise to ponder the next four levels of awakening and spend a few relaxing minutes each week exploring your inner potential. You might find something you've been looking for your whole life long.

The Materialist 

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