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Stages of Awakening

5 The Clear State

Wouldn't the devoted state be the highest? What could be higher than devotion? The clear state, which is also called the clean state, naturally follows from the devoted state. Indeed, the clear state is a fruition of devotion and is one of the greatest levels of awareness that could ever happen to you.

In the devoted state you began to see the reality of your inner self. In fact, you may find what some metaphysicians and jnana (wisdom) yogis say: that in the devoted state all ideas are internal ones and that the outer world is an expression or manifestation of ideas that exist within you, within the consciousness which is your essence. However, this view is not held by a number of masters and yogis of other forms of inquiry.

The clear state, in a nutshell, is one in which you are enabled and empowered to shed, to let go of, your old nature. You drop your old thoughts, tendencies, and emotions. You're capable of dismissing them, releasing them to oblivion, no longer to hound you or bother the attitudes and perspectives of your new awakened life of love, wisdom, and attuned will.

Delightedly abandoning your old nature with its selfishness, pettiness, and worries, you finally stand free. You stand clear, and clean. Now clear, you can easily turn toward the brilliant effulgence of your true nature and humbly accept that light in every cell of your body, in every tissue of your mind, and in every throb of your heart. Clear, free, and empty at last, you become fully infilled and indwelled by your true nature! Your inner self, freely chosen in an act of love and free will on the part of your outer self, now permanently enters your mind, heart and senses. No longer only an "inner self," it abides throughout your being.

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