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Stages of Awakening

1 The Dark State

Normal consciousness is often given the term "darkness." Masters of higher consciousness throughout the ages have expressed often with great passion that not knowing higher consciousness is a state of ignorance. If you are unable to see the brilliant light of your inner self, if you cannot contact higher wisdom or your creative intelligence, if you cannot experience spirit directly and do not know the bliss and ecstasy of your true nature, you are living in ignorance. You are ignoring personal fulfillment and any degree of lasting satisfaction.

In the dark state of ignorance, or the dark heart as it is often called you think the physical world is the only reality. That is, you live bound, in your experience and opinion of life, to what your senses communicate to you about the world and about yourself. Your thoughts and feelings are mainly based on sense data and your personal history of thoughts, feelings, and actions. That is, until you discover your higher faculties of awareness, until you perceive your higher nature well, you are ignoring what your life and your world can be.

Certainly the teachers of life encourage that each person be as adept as possible in using the senses, the mind, and the feeling nature. However, they urge that each person consider the other nine-tenths of the legacy bestowed on him or her at birth.

The Limited Senses 

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