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Stages of Awakening

Willing To Seek

Are you propelled? Do you find you are willing to seek every day, for the rest of your life if necessary, in order to get even a little bit closer to your personal realization of truth and meaning? That is, even if you were to know now that you can't possibly succeed in your quest for meaning, would you nevertheless be propelled to conduct the search simply because there is no other way to go the outer world having lost its charm or its promise in your eyes? Then, you are propelled.

Unless you are driven to find higher consciousness and vigorously go about it with persistence and consuming interest, with deep, balanced, focused attention, you are not yet propelled.

A lot of people are dissatisfied from time to time in life. However, they are not propelled if they are merely complaining or speculating. A propelled person cannot be put off. Every day is an action and a focus toward ultimate realities. A propelled person can't conceive of giving up or being satisfied by some attraction or bauble from the outer world, even if it be a tremendous business promotion or a very cute glance and implied promise from a member of the opposite sex. Nothing will satisfy the propelled person other than the fulfillment of his or her deepest yearning. A call from deep within the soul has to be satisfied and nothing short of the realization of your true nature, your highest consciousness, will suffice.

Many seekers to your left and right will be interested in other things next year. Will you still be propelled a year from now? Will you be propelled until fulfillment? Will you live in peace and friendship with the world but, despite any daily duties which you will do conscientiously and well will you be true to your call? Will you seek forever if necessary, across the heavens if necessary, until you come home to your true nature and live in your true estate?

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