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Stages of Awakening

Your Miracle

In your new state you wonder at the miracle of your transformation. You see how you moved from being an ignorant, materialistic, and selfish individual into a propelled state usually precipitated by heartbreak and doubt. You thrill to note your propelled state was truly magnificent in its impact on your future happiness.

You see that in being true to your propelled state, you found your teacher and manner of proceeding. You found your way of study, meditation, and prayer. You became steadfast and pleasantly enjoyed well being and a one-pointedness which enabled you to progress rapidly toward your enlightenment. You observe how steadiness enabled you to become aware of your inner self, its true existence and nature.

You recall how naturally you became devoted to your inner self and lived for its inspiring purpose and ideals. You adored it and loved it.

Then you became able, in your devoted state, to distinguish between your old nature and your higher consciousness. You could distinguish the way of light from the way of darkness and selfishness, the way of faith from fear, jealousy, and anger.

Then you became clear. You grew to the point that your inner light empowered you to release, to banish, to put aside for once and all, your old nature your old tendencies of thought, emotion, speech, and action.

How beautiful! Your doubts and frustrations have become your propulsion. Now your propulsion develops into love. And love transforms you.

Washed clean, washed clear, having abided in the blessings of your quest and the initiation of your Master (if you were so fortunate), you freely and humbly allow the light and life of your Creator to flood and permanently indwell you! You know the Source of existence and the essence of love.


Is my mind my soul's window or the mirror of the world?


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