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Stages of Awakening

4 —The Devoted State

As steadiness matures, you sense your inner light, love, and wisdom very deeply. You become devoted to the interests, insights, and concerns of your inner self. Not only steady but loving and appreciative in the presence of your higher self and in the blessings of your Master, your heart sings with happiness. You now find it easy and natural to love. Your deeds are now more spontaneous and vigorous — actions from a love which you feel very deeply.

Now, not only propelled toward the higher consciousness within you, but also steady in your pursuit and attitudes about it, you gain intimate contact with your true nature. You live, thrilling in the experience of giving and receiving deep, transforming love.

You are not only true to your Master and ideals because you should be (as in the steady relationship) but you are true to your Master and your quest because of great joy, satisfaction, and the delight of being faithful to what you now know.

In this devoted state you are also capable of perceiving and dealing with your old selfish nature. You are capable of honestly and sincerely observing the wrongs you have done to others and to yourself. You see the manner of ignorance by which you have blocked awareness of your true self and denied the Lord of your heart. You see how desires, personal pride and fear, as well as envy, have tormented your life up to this point. In a state of love, compassion, and good will, you look at your life and those of others with new eyes — eyes which have seen the truly beautiful and eternally existing reality.

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