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Stages of Awakening

The Limited Senses

A person in the dark state sees everything incorrectly because the senses are very limited to a small and often inaccurate view of the electromagnetic spectrum. Your senses can easily be fooled. For example, new car scent a few chemicals brewed in a spray can may well influence your decision to purchase a car by satisfying your sense of smell that a particular unit is fresh, in great condition, and (therefore?) probably has a very good engine. In fact, many people assume a car is in good shape if the ears hear a "solid" sound when the doors are slammed shut. Manufacturers, knowing about your ears and your usual mental reliance on sense information, often spend extra money on car doors and scents to induce you to assume the rest of the car is very well built. So, because few of us can adequately evaluate an engine or transmission, we often blindly rely on our limited senses.

Even your sense of touch can be fooled. Put on a blindfold in an unfamiliar room and notice how misleading your tactile sense can be. College initiations and Halloween tricks are often based on easily deceiving the mind through the fingertips. Somehow peeled grapes do feel like eyeballs and jello can take on sinister qualities when touched in the dark. Also, even with your eyes open, you can sense two sharp points lightly touching your palm but on your shoulder blade, are you really feeling one point or two? Often you will not be able to tell; the nerves are more numerous and closer together in your palm than over your shoulder blade.

Your ears, if you are average, can only hear sound activity from a frequency of fifteen cycles per second to eighteen thousand cycles per second. So, our ears are easily deceived, too.

A brief study of sound effects likely will amaze you. The symphony is probably not playing beside the blissfully roaring surf. Rather, technicians are running water through a bucket to create a surf sound the technique is called "white sound." Cannon sounds are made by "thumps" of various kinds. For example, dropping a barrel into an empty swimming pool can give a better cannon sound than most cannons can. Your ear is being consistently fooled every evening as you watch television and thrill to the action and realism of electronic magic.

Do you know, regarding the effort of the senses to represent reality to you, that if your nose closes and you have to rely strictly on your taste buds, you will not be able to distinguish between the juice of a potato, onion, and apple?! Try it.

And vision. Vision is our most relied upon sense, but behavioral scientists and psychologists in any university can demonstrate how easily the eye is fooled so that it misjudges what is perceived, due to mental/emotional interference as well as the inadequacies of the mortal eye.

All the masters and most of the disciplines of the path to higher consciousness urge you not to ignore your senses but rather to make the senses keener and sharper in every way so they will present their transmissions to the brain as reliably as possible not further increasing their limitations, nor wearing out as you grow older. But you should also strive to keenly attune your mind and emotions in such a manner that your mind does not misjudge the information received through the senses nor confuse misinformation with reality.

The Ignoring Person 

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