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Stages of Awakening

Proof of Steadiness

Proof that you are in a steady state is:

  • Constancy in your spiritual practice.
  • Being punctual and courteous to others, in a natural, unfeigned manner.
  • Appreciating the instructions and techniques you've adopted, or been given by your special teacher, and practicing them daily.
  • Experiencing a sense of complete freedom from the temptation to roam to other places, either by moving your body there or by allowing your mind and heart to dwell elsewhere than your blessed state and your relationship with your Master or your spiritual ideal, if you have not yet found your Master.

Steadiness is an important state of well being. The propulsion, having moved from a stormy seeking and wandering state, now becomes a sense of confidence and a natural faith that realization and fulfillment are near at hand for you. In the steady state you find it easy to do what you commit yourself to do. You find it only natural and vitally important that you keep your word. You are also steady enough that you can meditate and pray easily. You are often free of confusion or mental/emotional turbulence and in this calm, balanced state you are able to sense the reality of your inner self.

While you do not have a deep realization or experience of your inner nature, you do, at times, see pastel shades of light in your forehead. Now and then you have wondrous feelings of love and expansion in your chest. You are calm enough to feel greater empathy with other people and at times understand thoughts that move within their heads or the feelings that dwell unspoken in their hearts.

In the steady state you are a rare human being already. You keep your agreements and do not want to harm anyone. You are able to be true to your quest in a calm and natural way, no matter what outward temptations or menaces strive to impact or affect your life.

Maintaining an appreciative mindfulness about your blessed state, you cannot fail to go forward and experience the next awakening.

4 - Devoted State 

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