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Stages of Awakening

The Materialist

Most people in normal sense consciousness do not even suspect that there is a higher consciousness and are not interested in investigating the source of their daily awareness. Rather, they wish to focus their awareness and energy on greater accomplishments in the physical world which seems so real, stable, and, in most ways, unalterable. Exploration of higher consciousness does not appeal to people in a dark state. They feel those who seek other realms of consciousness or spend time in spiritual practices are foolish and perhaps even wasteful.

As long as a person permits himself or herself to have the attitude that the physical world is all there is, then he or she will likely maintain such an attitude for a very long time. Such a habit of thought and feeling is rarely given up by anyone unless, and until, his or her world affairs and hopes are one day smashed, falling apart in a manner most painful to the materialist. Rarely does anyone leave the dark state or even consider other possibilities unless pain or a profound sense of dissatisfaction goad the dark-hearted to look elsewhere for fulfillment or even the minutest possibility of satisfaction.

For the most part, people will remain in the dark state as long as they feel physical existence satisfies them; or as long as they have faith that the outer world will, on some distant great day, satisfy them. Usually the death of a close relative, a painful physical injury, or the collapse of professional life have to occur before the inhabitant of the dark state rattles his or her bars and seeks to exit the prison of ignorance.

2 - Propelled State 

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