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Stages of Awakening

3 The Steady State

While in the propelled state you may think many divergent thoughts and have vastly varied emotions in your heartfelt search Still, there comes a time when the propelled state enables you to become steady. That is, your propelled state enables you to understand yourself and the various aspects of the path more clearly and well. You begin to find what techniques and specific areas of study most facilitate your growth. You also discover that you are easily able to choose the best and most effective teacher to help you fulfill your quest for higher consciousness.

So, the propelled state, which may have taken you many places, resolves to a series of selections by which you determine where and how you wish to conduct your inner quest. Perhaps you must travel many miles in your search for the fulfillment of your driving yearning. Perhaps you are blessed to come into the community of a Master and receive initiation, along with instruction about what to do next. Perhaps you don't have to leave your neighborhood.

In steadiness a deeply gratifying emotion and sense of well being fills you. The frequent sense of desperation or perplexity which often occurs in the propelled state is shed, let go of, no longer being essential to your quest. However, the power of your aspiration, developed in the propelled state, is stronger than ever. Since your propulsion is not being consumed in many divergent directions and philosophies, you now have a greater sense of what you're doing and how to do it.

The steady state is also often defined as "abiding in your initiated or baptized state." That is, having sought far, and now having found your spiritual guide, for example, all you have to do is maintain the initiated state and be true to it throughout the vicissitudes of a still quite restless mind and heart. All you have to do, at the point of being steady, is follow the spirit of your "inward turning" (repentance, or initiation). Be true to it throughout each day, despite any negative or otherwise impacting experiences from the outer world or from the chaos of a still somewhat turbulent mental/emotional nature.

Proof of Steadiness 

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