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Good Will Witness

Meditate, Donít Reflect

On no occasion, if you are able to abide in this borderland of higher consciousness, will negative emotions or worrisome thoughts bully you or flood your mind. If unpleasant thoughts or feelings do occur to you, you have been shot down from your high state temporarily, and you must once again patiently direct your good will toward the sublime state.

For your first few weeks, it's best to focus on simply entering the Good Will Witness state. Try not to reflect upon your problems or seek specific inspirations while you're in it. Meditate, don't reflect.

You won't be able to enter the state if you're preoccupied with your problems or if you think of the buddhi only as a place for gathering up bits of information. First become able to enter the Good Will Witness plane of awareness at will. Always be appreciative of your access to this doorway of your higher consciousness. Many new seekers attest that when they take this state for granted or treat it only as a distribution center for personal flashes of wisdom, they soon find great difficulty in entering where they had so easily entered in their more appreciative days.

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