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Good Will Witness

Starting Your Meditation

Having selected your meditation object, put aside your thought of it for a moment. Take three to six deep, slow breaths — if you can comfortably do this. Your exhalation should be calming and pleasant. Feel as you bring air into your nostrils that you are imbibing a rare and very subtle wine.

Having done your deep breaths, sit calmly with a relaxed body and an attitude of good will. Now, briefly think of all the people you’ve made contact with today. Maintain an attitude of good will as you think of each person. Also consider, as you begin meditating, do you have good will for yourself, and for this practice? Or, are your resenting that you are sitting quietly in meditation as other activities come to mind? Are you resenting that you may ultimately achieve higher consciousness and have to change in some ways? (Yes, these are strange questions but some people are against themselves in most everything they undertake.)

Now, while holding the attitude that you are radiating good will out from yourself — perhaps from your heart center, perhaps from your third eye, perhaps from your chest and face in general — let the energy of your thoughtfulness, of your goodness, move outward from you. Enjoy a period of good will.

Direct Your Good Will 

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