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Good Will Witness

Obstacles To Meditation

As you practice directing your good will toward your meditation object, avoid drowsiness. If you get drowsy — rather than extra-aware and relaxed — lie down to rest or get active by taking a walk or playing tennis. If you try to meditate while feeling sleepy or lazy, and do not maintain your flow of good will, you will allow old memories and subconscious impressions to float into your mind. Your desires will also surface if you're sleepy or if you let your mind go blank. In fact, your desires to be great or important may become highly charged, glorious ego trips in which you think you're having a bona fide vision of your greatness and leadership role among mankind.

When thoughts of your great importance or messianic mission float into your meditation they are almost always vivid personal desires from your subconscious — your mental/emotional storage basement. Inner voices and images which proclaim your greatness are not at all characteristic of the humbling and transforming awe which almost always fills you as you draw near true Witness awareness.

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