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Turn On The Power
Of Faith

Faith is power. In observing the precaution of avoiding fantasies while striving to more fully apprehend reality, you will find faith becomes a very powerful means for fulfillment. When you live in faith you not only have greater momentum toward your goal, you not only streamline your life and are relieved of many inner conflicts, but some amazing transformations in your daily life or career often happen. This is why faith is so greatly encouraged, even in those who are by nature extremely skeptical.

When you have faith in higher consciousness you will be able to direct it to actively express in your life! Even if you do not know your higher consciousness, even if you have not had much or any experience of higher consciousness, in your faith you become an instrument: a directing point of higher consciousness. Through faith you can attune with whatever you need for your growth and constructive purposes. You can know what you need to know. You can break free of destructive situations and habits.

Of course, your faith can also touch the lives of others you are concerned about individuals and humanity in general. Wherever they are, whatever they are doing, your faith can help them. Due to your faith, subtle energy and power will move wherever you lovingly ask! Inner power from your higher consciousness will dynamically move out into your life and world as a constructive force. New opportunities will come to you. Through faith you will become much more able to deal with negative conditions in a creative, transforming way. Often what you conceive in your mind can become a real experience for you in the outer world.

Dynamics of Faith 

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