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Form or Formless

So, first select a meditation object. We are all somewhat differently wired and some people prefer to think about an object in front of them ó a picture, a flower, a bowl, a candle flame. Others prefer to visualize in their minds the form of Jesus, Buddha, Ramakrishna, Virgin Mary, Sarada Devi, or perhaps one of the great saints or bodhisattvas (potential Buddhas who refuse to enter nirvana in order to serve suffering mankind). Some prefer to meditate on a triangle, a cross, or a circle or sphere which they visualize in the front of their minds.

Others prefer to think of formless, infinite expansiveness. However, focusing on the infinite is rather difficult to do. The human mind can hardly ever think beyond names, things, and shapes. But, meditation on the vast sky sometimes helps those who have the ability to think in a formless way. The sky could be considered an abstract meditation object.

Choose your meditation object, one that is vivid to you. Make it a color you prefer. Your meditation object needs to be as pleasing and interesting to your mind and emotions as possible.


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