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Selecting Your Meditation Object

Stand and take a nice stretch.

Then sit comfortably with your spine straight. Do not do this meditation practice until three hours after a meal. It's good to meditate before a meal or in the morning before work, or in the late afternoon after work, or in the evening. Be sure you are awake and aware as you do this. Falling asleep will not precipitate an experience of higher consciousness.

Now choose a meditation object. That is, something to meditate on. The meditation object can be a word, or a physical object that you will look at. It could be a mental picture that you can hold in your mind while your eyes are closed.

Your object could be a specific center in your body. For example, the point half an inch above where your eyebrows meet is an excellent place. It is called the third eye by most people who meditate there. Perhaps a better place for most seekers is called the heart center. Think of a point inside your spine directly back of the heart. As your concentration moves in the area of your forehead or heart center, it will become quite specific and one-pointed. You will soon be able to precisely focus on your chosen center. Try both centers and note which one is most comfortable for you, as well as easiest to focus upon. Then again, you may not choose to make either center your meditation object.

At first, you may wish to try various meditation objects. But remember never to force yourself to focus and remember that the object you select must be pleasing to your mind. Your meditation object needs to be relatively easy for you to think about; and you should be able to direct your feelings toward your meditation object, naturally and pleasantly.

Words used as your meditation object could be Love, Joy, Oneness. Also, you could choose to think of the name of one of the world's great beings: Jesus Christ, Buddha, Ramakrishna, Moses, Krishna, or others.

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