simply hold your meditation object in your awareness and direct your good will to it.">
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Good Will Witness

Direct You Good Will To Your Meditation Object

Encourage the good will to radiate outward in all directions ó in front of and behind you, above and below you, right and left. Also, direct your good will to flow through you when you sense it well. Let good will fill your mind and chest, your whole body. Perhaps thoughts of things you don't like about yourself float into your awareness. Let go of them. You can work on your shortcomings with greater insight after meditation. For the present, have good will for yourself as well as others.

At this point, the main phase of your meditation begins. Bring your meditation object, now, into your meditation ó either the word or words you choose to say, or your heart center, your third eye, the picture before you, or the visualization in front of your mind. All you have to do is simply hold your meditation object in your awareness and direct your good will to it. Let your good will pervade the meditation object. Let good will saturate it. Fill your meditation object with the light of your love, with the light of your thoughtfulness.

Don't strain, don't try too hard. Maintain your good will even if your concentration or your meditation object flies away at times. Maintain your good will and patiently continue gathering and focusing your good will on your meditation object. Enjoy this. Let your good will develop. It will become progressively stronger with regular practice. Let your applied good will flow easily and naturally into your meditation object, or person.

Now you know how to do it.

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