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Good Will Witness

The Portal of Higher Consciousness

With patient practice, and several repetitions (sometimes even immediately), the flow of your good will can bring you the following experience:

When your good will becomes steadily concentrated on your meditation object, you will become keenly aware. You'll feel extremely wide awake. The feeling of your radiating good will becomes comforting and calming, very sweet. In this state the world out there begins to feel like a dream. Your meditation object may remain clear to you or it may diffuse and leave you sitting there perfectly aware, perfectly concentrated. The world has begun to seem like a dream — free of any pressure, pain, or chaos, but you feel very real and more alive than usual. Your mind is clear and free of ideas. You feel no need to think other thoughts or labor your mind with other images. Yet you sense you are more conscious than usual. Thoughts themselves seem too slow, or perhaps too dreamlike in comparison with the quality of higher consciousness you sense so vividly.

This heightened consciousness abides for several minutes. It flows; it becomes continuous good will. You feel heavenly. No other thoughts or emotions intrude. You are in the Good Will Witness state, the portal of higher consciousness.

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