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Good Will Witness

Beyond Thought

Consider also, while it's essential to take time each day to think deep thoughts, Witness Consciousness is beyond thought. If you think you're in the high Witness state but you're thinking thoughts — even profound ones — you are not in a Witness state, nor in what is called higher consciousness. Beginners often assume they are superconscious when their fantasies or memories are more vivid than before. Remember, thoughts are too slow for higher consciousness. Higher consciousness expresses itself in direct perceptions, flashes of wisdom, which are later translated into words by the mind. But, bear in mind, as long as you are thinking in words you are in some part of your mind, not in higher consciousness. Your profound-sounding words may be valuable insights or they may be worthless, but you are not in the Good Will Witness State.

Also remember that — in being a beginner — your mind may occasionally translate a direct perception from the Witness state incorrectly. Insights from the Witness must be tested in the light of your day-to-day experiences. You learn through practice how to understand and cooperate with your Witness. You become able to distinguish between your flashes and your wishes.


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