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Good Will Witness

Life-Enriching Insights Become Possible

When you can enter the sublime Good Will Witness state easily, you can enjoy it in periods of reflection as well as meditation ó meditation being a means of centering in your true nature, while reflection and contemplation focus on ideas, problems, and speculations. This "buddhi state," as it's often called, gives great insight for new inventions, compositions, works of art, solutions to personal and global problems. In most of civilization's advances someone contacted the higher consciousness through the Good Will Witness state.

Depending on your temperament and development, depending on your skills and training, you will sense tremendous inspiration in areas which are important to you. You will perhaps sense musical themes or have direct perceptions ó remember, not slow thoughts ó direct perceptions of beautiful new works of art, or priceless ideas for new career opportunities. You might also gain amazing insights about how to deal with your daily problems, how to love more, how to overcome obstacles, or how to deal with problem people.

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