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What Will Prevail?

True Tendencies Win!

Summing up, life-enriching new tendencies as they are forged consciously and with your whole being can be established fairly quickly. True tendencies win! They have momentum. They carry you through. Well-formed tendencies enable you to succeed when the going gets tough. They enable you to prevail despite outward circumstances. In many ways, your greatest treasures are your constructive tendencies. They are more powerful than thoughts, feelings, and negative habits of doing things. If you will take the time and patiently combine all your energies in the formation of tendencies that you would really like to have, you will be one of those few people who ultimately succeeds whenever you set out toward a new and important goal. You will be among the less than ten percent who understand the process of success. In forming powerful, constructive tendencies, you will also be accomplishing the consolidation you need in order to know your higher consciousness.

A Life-Enriching Affirmation

You may wish to say this affirmation with deep, clear thought each morning. It will help you develop new tendencies.


My constructive tendencies enable me to prevail despite outward circumstances. I recognize my positive tendencies and attitudes are among my most precious assets. They enable me to establish greater personal health, prosperity, emotional well being and mental efficiency today and every day. With intensity and repetition I have created the habits which bring success and higher consciousness.


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