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What Will Prevail?

Keep At It

Somehow people think that merely having a new idea or an enthusiastic, heart-pumping time at some lecture will bring about the new fulfillment or extraordinary capacities. If this were the case, our planet would be instantly out of trouble. The world today is filled with people who get excited about a new idea or way of life almost every month. As soon as they begin to lose their inspiration, and old habits start to sweep them away from the goal once glimpsed so brightly, they move onto something else and proceed through life, jag after jag. Later they look back at their lives and notice they haven't accomplished much of anything. They notice friends they met along the way, friends who seem to have gained the fruits of success friends who were more constant in their focus on goals. The jaggers find they themselves have traveled far but arrived nowhere.

To accomplish your fulfillment and know your higher consciousness, vigorous, constant, new tendencies have to be formed. These tendencies will become so strong that no old habits will be able to overcome them. Also, when these new tendencies are consciously and lovingly created, shocks and deceptions of the outer world will not be able to knock you off course or out of stride.

It's important also to value those constructive tendencies you have already developed. Not all old tendencies are bad. Take time to evaluate which habits of thought, feeling, and action have always been constructive and valuable in your life. Appreciate them anew, give them a chance to grow and expand, becoming more serviceful aids in your life's new directions. The habits of being kind, or of being able to concentrate easily and well, for example, are extremely helpful tendencies which all too many seekers of higher consciousness have to reestablish or perhaps build from scratch.

Please keep in mind as you progress that many wonderful ideas will come your way. Many partial skills will be revealed to you, too. But none of these significant gifts along your path will be truly yours until you have fully established new tendencies. New habits of thought, feeling, and self-esteem must become an integrated part of you. When you find it particularly easy and natural to behave in the new way that you have chosen, you will succeed. You will succeed for you have formed the tendencies that will get you there.

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