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What Will Prevail?

Overcoming Old Habits

It is so important to understand something of the process of success. In whatever area you seek success, you must understand that your tendencies, your habits, will prevail. Most often, old tendencies and habits frustrate and generally smother the new life you are striving to create. Your old tendencies took years of development. Each of us is deeply entrenched in old ways. How can we expect a new rivulet created in three minutes or three days of aspiration to possibly stand against the mighty, deep rivers we have built over ten, fifteen, twenty-five years?

Yet the fact that you are here indicates you have already begun breaking free of old, destructive tendencies. You are searching for a new vision. You are raising your consciousness to new possibilities. You are thinking of higher and alternate ways of doing things. You are contemplating the possibility that higher consciousness does exist and is available to you. You even suspect that higher consciousness is this very minute locked within you, ready to be unleashed. Further, you appreciate that some higher consciousness is already at work throughout your life in order for you to be able to breathe, walk, talk, think, feel. This attitude allows your attention and emotions to overflow the banks of old riverbeds of habits to seek new directions.

Old tendencies will never — repeat, never — be able to stop you if you thoroughly understand the following process. The main thing that must be understood at every step along the way to a more conscious and even superconscious life is this: The seeker of higher consciousness and fulfillment must create new tendencies! Your greater success in life is based on your willingness to not only think about new possibilities but to redirect the flow of your thoughts and feelings, the flow of your life force, into new tendencies and habits of living. New tendencies must be formed, habits and attitudes which will be truly constructive and which at no point will block or inhibit your heartfelt purposes. Almost all failure, especially regarding the achievement of higher consciousness, is caused by our not forming new tendencies.

Keep At It 

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