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What Will Prevail?

Apply Thoughts and Feelings

To repeat, intellectual understanding of higher consciousness in no way assures that you will ever experience higher consciousness. Myriad intellectuals lie in heaps along the roadside. They have the ideas but have not used those ideas to create new tendencies.

Even if your heart palpitates in sympathy with some great mission, your thoughts and emotions in no way assure that you will be able to accomplish that mission or even stay true to it for two days.

Another thing must be understood about these all-important tendencies. A true tendency is a product of your whole being. Since every part of your life must work in harmony with the other parts, a tendency cannot be created without the cooperation of your thoughts and your feelings. While more is actually required, it is essential that you first understand that mind and emotions must come to an agreement in the endeavor to create a new tendency. If the thought nature is saying, "How silly. How superstitious!" or "How worthless!" while the emotional nature is striving to move toward a clearly important fulfillment, no new tendency will be formed and there will be inner conflict. Indeed, a personal civil war can only result. Yet there will be times when the mind wants to enter activities or accomplish goals which are in direct conflict with the desires of the heart. These cross-purposes lead to deep problems even mental illness if the civil war is particularly severe.

Sometimes, your mind may wish to engross itself in a project perhaps a design or invention. However, if your emotions have another agenda, if they "prefer" to indulge in grief, jealousy, or some form of numbness, no successful tendency will be formed. The civil war will resume on a new front and the mind will not generally have enough thrust, enough power, to develop the new project. And, your health may be affected as well. Weakness, nerve, or digestive problems, for example, may occur.

So, for a new tendency and a victory over the past, you must consider your new goal mentally and emotionally. You have to be sure that the two can work together on each important goal. When your mind is convinced that "The New Tendency Project" is worthwhile, it will not sabotage the project but will pitch in and help, bringing to the forefront its resources of ideas and concepts. Your mind will help create new images which will be extremely beneficial indeed, essential for the new tendency and its fulfillment. Your emotions will contribute inspiration, excitement, comfort, encouragement, and a dogged endurance.

Whenever you seek to be more successful in any way, stop and have a huddle within yourself. Dialogue. Introspect. Marshal your reason. Examine your feelings, clarify them. Then mentally and emotionally conceive the ideal thoughts and feelings for your new endeavor. Whenever the two powerful forces of thoughts and feelings work together as a unity, you will form an extremely strong, new tendency. When they work together they will not be denied. You will succeed through the help of your cooperative allies.

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