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What Will Prevail?

Your Life Force

Thoughts and feelings aren't the whole story, however. As your thoughts and feelings combine, they must also have the cooperation and assistance of your life force and your physical body. By life force we mean the energy within you that enables your heart to beat, your breath to move in and out, peristalsis to occur in your abdomen, the energy that makes your blood circulate. No, we're not implying that this energy has a mind of its own, but without question it has a momentum of its own. After all, life force is sustained by a most brilliant higher consciousness. Your life force regularly carries out exploits of life support which baffle the understanding of your regular mind, doesn't it? When you are changing your life, especially when you are creating a new tendency, you want your life force to move in this new direction, too. You want it to move cooperatively along the lines that your mind and emotions have agreed upon. It's important to spend quiet time with your mind and emotions interplaying with the new tendency while encouraging your life force, your physical energy, to move in this new way also. Your life force readily responds to the direction of your thoughts and feelings.

Metaphysicians and mystics have often demonstrated that what you think and feel can affect your vitality level or improve the functioning of your breathing or your heartbeat. While the relationship of thoughts and feelings with vital energy is a vague field of science at this point, or perhaps is considered scarcely scientific at all, you can, through conceiving mentally/emotionally of the new goal, enable your life force to become more readily supportive of the new tendency. Simply, make slow, long exhalations as you mentally picture your goal and emotionally direct your feelings toward the goal as well.

While direction of life force may seem a difficult area to understand, you will know that your life force is cooperating in the formation of a new tendency when you experience extra energy in fact, vitality to spare as you work toward the new reality that you have determined to bring about.

As you can see, it's very important to be sure you wish to create the new tendency before you marshal your thought processes, your emotional nature, and even your life force toward the new tendency and goal!

Physical Body 

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