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What Will Prevail?

Your Physical Body

Lastly, the physical body itself has to cooperate. If it's prone to laziness or inactivity, or if by habit it has behaved in a most contrary fashion to the assistance you now wish, then your physical habits have to be turned around too. If your physical body doesn't cooperate, you will suffer the frustrations of civil war once again. It's extremely helpful to train your body to serve you in each new tendency you choose. When you have mentally and emotionally focused on formation of a new tendency, conceive also the ideal behavior you expect of your body. Then, patiently develop the physical skills and habits. Too often the body's role in success is not considered.

Suppose you want to accomplish something which greatly involves your mental nature. If your body won't sit still or is continually resisting the intensity of mental work, it can easily keep you from success. On the other hand, if you have chosen to accomplish something through vigorous activity, your body can't have a habit of being lethargic. In this case your body may have to be toned up and strengthened through exercise in order not to let you down.

Frankly, there is one more factor in forming a new tendency but you'll have to work on it in subsequent lessons. You have to be nearly superconscious in order to deal with this one remaining potential ally (or potential foe). It is the ego, or sense of self. If your ego is determined to grow and change and sacrifice itself to a new way of living, it will be a great ally. However, many people have an ego sense which is very self-destructive and balky. Their sense of self ignores enriching possibilities while sabotaging worthwhile projects presented to it by the mental and emotional nature.

So, at present, your ego can most significantly help you if you maintain an attitude of willingness to grow a readiness to become a finer person. With this initial cooperation of your sense of self, you will enable a tremendous force to help establish each new tendency. Believe it or not, large numbers of people have an ego which seeks failure and suffering rather than prosperity and well being.

True Tendencies Win! 

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