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What Will Prevail?

Good Intentions Arenít Enough

But the fact is you're not alone. You're normal. Most everyone, despite helpful inspiration and a deep sincerity, will fail or give up ("giving up" is a nicer word for failure) before accomplishing vitally important goals. Many people will generally fail.

Then, with failure, the guilt feelings come along. Unhappy with yourself, you often lash out at others, or you refuse to have good will, not only for other people but for yourself as well. The guilt feelings last a long time and regularly tell you you're not a very good person ó you're not worthy or capable of a better life. Certainly, you feel you're not worthy of higher consciousness. You develop a secret. Despite the right clothes or the right words, you know down deep you're inferior to other people. You know your failures. You know your limitations. Other people don't know. They can't see how badly you've fallen short of your dearest hopes. They don't know, or do they?

"Is my inadequacy visible?" you wonder.

When you know you're an inferior person, what's the point of trying? So, when you've failed several times you do the obvious: find fitting compromises, find a niche for your inadequate self and muddle along as best you can. Of course it's helpful to be quite critical of other people so you can be mindful of their inferiorities as well as your own aching ego. Compromise is the rule of the day and, after all, isn't that what everybody does? Isn't everyone, in fact, something of a joke? A blunderer? Yes, why does anyone ever try to be more than he or she was yesterday?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is widely stated. Good intentions are pleasant in their own way but how do you, how can you, take good intentions and make them into realities? How can you in truth become more conscious and accomplish, in fact, not in fantasy, what you so powerfully yearn for?


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