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Two Priceless Skills

Overcome Agonies

You can overcome most of the agonies listed in the preceding lesson through developing detachment well. Sincerely watch the play of your thoughts. Watch your frustrations from the calm center within your being. If you behold several problems or agonies, watch them all calmly. Donít let any thoughts or feelings destroy your quiet, clear view.

As you look at your conflicts, pressures, and challenges, your detachment will often enable you to perceive fresh solutions. When you can detach your mind from its chaos, you can attune with your higher wisdom. Youíll be inspired with new possibilities!

An extremely important attribute of detachment is the freedom it gives you to choose your best actions and responses to lifeís situations. No longer will you merely react to the world because now your clarity of vision gives you greater understanding coupled with new abilities to decide more beneficial courses of action. You can abandon habits which previously caused you loss or suffering.

Some people are afraid of detachment. They think it will make them remote, whereas detachment involves getting out of the stampede of negative emotions and thoughts in order that the self-destruction stop. In entering the detached, "good will witness" perspective you can most directly see what your problem is and most immediately solve it. A detached state can give you insight which immensely accelerates your overall progress toward fulfillment. Furthermore, in the ability to be detached at will, you become able to get free of your longstanding biases and misconceptions, as well as the inner turbulence of thoughts and feelings.

With Ecstasy 

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