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Two Priceless Skills


If you take the help of Detachment and Practice, not forgetting how important faith and companionship are, you will find moments of ecstasy as you work your way forward. These flashes of ecstasy or light are encouragements, guiding signs that help you stay on track. They are indications from the higher consciousness of "Well done, my good friend."

These encouragements are not psychic but rather are genuine spiritual experiences:


In your meditations, and whenever you calmly close your eyes, pastel colors begin to be visible in your forehead. These pastel colors may form patterns like circles and spheres. Your mind has to be harmonious and relatively free of worry in order to experience this.


You may see flashes of light, like lightning flashes. You may think you are seeing fireflies at times when your mind is calmly pondering higher consciousness.


You may see soft, mellow light like that of the moon; or, you may see blazing light like that of the sun. These experiences are profound indicators of something marvelous ahead.


Centers of awareness in your spine and brain begin to open, giving you indications of the talent and potential within your being.


For example, in your spine in back of the navel you may feel a quickening of energy or a concentration of energy which makes your body feel warm hopefully not too hot. (Heat indicates that you are pressuring your nervous system too much and you should simply relax and let yourself calm down. On the other hand, in the presence of a Master who is guiding the process, the heat may be an appropriate condition.) As this center, called the navel center, develops, you find yourself filled with courage. Your fears fly away and you also begin to notice that whatever you really need in your life comes to you. Whatever you need you can have.


Possibly, the center in your forehead, half an inch above your eyebrows, begins to pulsate and reveal brilliant white, yellow, or rich blue light into your mind. This light may flood your whole being. In this state, insight is rapidly developed. You find it very easy to practice detachment and you find it progressively easier to attune with the higher will.


The ecstasy itself is wondrous. It may be a calm buzz of energy at localized points within your body or all over. Usually bliss begins occurring in the spine, the chest area near the heart, or in the brain. In the bliss you feel immediately in the presence of the higher consciousness. In bliss you find incomparable delight. Incomparable, that is, until it matures into an even more delightful ecstasy called ananda. In ananda your ecstasy becomes dynamic and expansive. It is an ever-new joy endless and boundless while being sweet and tender, not obnoxious or overpowering. The ecstasy whatever its manner of abiding helps you integrate your life. It enables your body, mind, and spiritual nature to work in closer and closer harmony. You will literally want to dance for joy. In fact, why not?

The main thing a seeker must do is hang in there! Neither ecstasy nor agony are as important as persisting. As one great saint, Lahiri Mahasay, said, "Doing, doing, done." Keep practicing, keep moving toward your goal, and suddenly you find your goal is accomplished.


Doing, doing, done.


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