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The Threshold

The seeker who doesnít have an enlightened teacher needs to be warned about two experiences along the way. This knowledge may not be necessary for everyone to know. However, when you donít have a teacher, it is essential to be forewarned. These two potential threats to your advancement are called the Terror of the Threshold and the Dark Night of the Soul.

If youíve been progressing steadily and are deeply honest with yourself, you may bypass both of these events. You may not need them in order to overcome your blind spots. Your journey, because of your painstaking steadiness and continual growth, will likely spare you from these emotionally jarring times. It is especially true that you will bypass these events if you develop your whole being evenly. That is:

  1. maintain good physical health

  2. do not waste or dissipate your life force

  3. develop emotional balance and consistency, maintaining a sense of well being

  4. develop a clear, efficient mind

  5. develop devotion and a humble ego.

Having made it clear then that you may never know these two frightening experiences personally, and may wonder why some people are going through them, letís explore "The Terror."


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