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Two Priceless Skills

Detachment and Ecstasy

When you are in ecstasy, periods of detachment are invaluable. So intense is the ecstasy that sometimes you need to be able to calmly withdraw from it. Detachment also helps when extraneous thoughts and feelings or worries fill your awareness, diminishing your ecstasy; through detachment you can choose to reestablish the ecstasy. Too, unpleasant memories and old attitudes can come to mind at times, dominating your attention and making you ignore the ecstasy. Detachment helps you reclaim the ecstasy before you lose it. Or, you may mentally probe or try to manipulate your ecstasy so forcefully it becomes eclipsed by mental activity and, again, you can lose the ecstasy unless you know how to detach. Through regular moments of detachment you can let your ecstasy remain with you and grow. The clarity of detachment keeps self-destructive thoughts or feelings from blocking or diminishing your ecstasy. In moments of detachment your ecstasy expands and becomes more established. Your thoughts and feelings become anchored in higher consciousness rather than your subconscious spewings. Detachment enables you to open yourself to ecstasy, to receive and maintain it. Worth considering!

With a degree of detachment you can know your world and your friends more deeply and appreciatively. In every way, true detachment refreshes your faculties for a finer life.

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