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Two Priceless Skills

Next Level of Detachment

The next level of the Detachment Technique, then, is to become a witness, a "first-time" compassionate and clear viewer of your mind.

Additionally, when you can easily witness any and all of your thoughts and mental images, turn your focus to your emotions. Become a detached witness of the rivers of your feelings.

The technique of detachment is fairly easy for most everyone with good mental health. All it requires is five or ten minutes practice each day and a patient willingness to get back into a "witness mode" each time the mind or emotions succeed in making your thoughts wander. Most people find the practice difficult the first two or three times they try. Detachment is, after all, a different way of viewing the world and yourself.

As your detachment develops you become even more subtly aware of your mental/emotional faculties. You gain greater understanding of your personality and true nature. Your memory improves. Your emotions become more integrated and constructive. Your perceptions of your life and relationships become more accurate and, likely, more satisfying. Your mind works better.

Detachment helps you become so free of mental/emotional turbulence you can contact your higher consciousness at will.

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