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Two Priceless Skills

1 — Detachment

Detachment here refers to a state of mind in which you witness, clearly and calmly, with good will, whatever you are seeing, hearing, thinking, enjoying, or suffering. Watch your problems, fears, and challenges as if you are not bound or preoccupied by them but viewing them calmly — a witness. With practice, your turbulent thoughts and negative emotions will lose their grip on your mind. They will not be able to drive you or distort your inner potential and well being.

In the Detachment Technique you first view the outer world with no sense of ownership. The concept of "mine" usually colors whatever you behold with an emotional intensity which keeps you from being detached. Often, simply sitting in a park, calmly witnessing the children, trees, and birds enables a pleasant clarity and freedom of mind which establishes detachment. Or, look around your living room and kitchen as if you are a first-time guest. See the furniture and appliances clearly — as they are — withholding mental comments or emotional reactions. Simply be a witness.

When you can witness external objects in a truly detached manner, free of mental/emotional turbulence, you will find you can close your eyes and look at a worry or painful memory calmly and clearly, too. In fact, the inner detachment is the true test — and goal. When you can witness people, events, and things in the outer world with great calm and clarity, you will find you can easily witness the play of your mind and emotions well, too —likely for the first time in your life.

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