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Power of Faith

Watch Faith Work

This factor of faith is most exciting. At first you may disbelieve and fiddle around with the "light switch," often saying, "This can't work. This can't be." Thus, you send contrary messages to the higher consciousness. The switch is not actually turned on. As you develop in faith, however, you truly observe the effects of faith. When the switch is really on, power moves and the higher consciousness expresses benefit and transformation in the lives or conditions in your focus. Always keep in mind, though, that faith is not a bully. Faith respects the free will of others and if they are unreceptive to its workings, faith will help as it can without violating the free will of anyone.

You will find it fascinating to watch faith grow. It's even more fascinating to watch faith at work. Perhaps you, a conscious human being, are a key person endowed, through your faith, to help further Creation's purposes! You are furthering life-enriching values and opportunities for others in some sort of partnership with higher consciousness as it emanates outward toward all people. Faith alone is a fascinating study. A lifetime can be well spent in striving to become a person of true faith.

Ineffective Faith 

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